Colour code for TIPA

#4286EF- Main colour

#F0AD49 – Some button colours, like sign in sign up

background-image: linear-gradient(110deg,#000140 -10%,#4286ef 100%)

Gradient for course banner and other places.

Extention to get font details.

Roboto is used as font style everywhere. Size is different 

Use same footer as website for visitors. Once logged in you can hide the footer. Just keep copyright @ year  and IPA.

Keep same font size and design as per this page. Every thing as it is. 
Download brochure will take user to sign up page and after completing sign up he will return to same page and be able to download brochure/enroll in course.

Pricing box should come before content just like this page. Check in mobile mode. 

Implement Skeleton loading instead of please wait,%2C%20card%2C%20and%20so%20on.

Reference for checkout css – fill dumy data and check.

After user registration user has to complete profile before getting access to dashboard. Link for multi step form

Mandatory fields:-

Personal details, Address